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A:” Hi, how are you?”
B:” I am fine, and you?
A:”I am fine, too. Thank you!”

My Senior High School textbook illustrates what Chinese consider as a typical Western greeting pattern.

But in everyday life, this greeting mode is seldom used. This situation happens in Chinese as well.

In Chinese, 你忙吗?[ni3 mang2 ma](Are you busy?) or 你最近怎么样?[ni3 zui4 jin4 zen3 me yang4] (How are you doing?) are not the most popular or authentic greetings for friends.

Next, several local and authentic greeting sentences will be displayed which are used by students in general.

  • “去哪儿?” [qu4 nar3] (Where are you heading to?)  This greeting can be extended into “去哪儿?去上班?”
  • “去干嘛呢?”[qu4 gan4 ma2 ne] (What are you going to do?)
  •  “课多吗?”[ke4 duo1 ma] (Do you have a lot of uni work?) This one is for students as well.



The hottest new word in China is 给力 [gei3 li4], an adjective meaning “awesome”. 

Nowadays, it is widely used on the internet, in text messages and on QQ.

Jiangsu province even used it as the theme of its local Spring Festival gala.
You can use it when you want to speak highly of something or someone. 

For instance,

你穿的这件衣服太给力了。( The clothes you are wearing are amazing!)
这是个给力的星期天。(This is a wonderful Sunday!)
你太给力了! (You are awesome!)


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